Updated 14 November 2023

To complete both Phase 1 and 2 of the Kindness Badge Award (KBA) programme organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement

Updates for Year 2024 will only be available in Jan 2024 and provided by CPB committee over email blast.

For Year 2023

The KBA programme returns in 2023 with its two phases:

In KBA Phase 1, students will either attend a workshop on valuable skills to implement in-person outreach projects (for physical initiatives championing kindness) or attend a workshop on social media content creation skills (for digital campaigns championing kindness). Both interactive workshops will cover various kindness themes and design-thinking tools, preparing students for their projects in KBA Phase 2. Workshop registration can be done through the KBA website at

In KBA Phase 2, using the skills gained from Phase I, students will team up to plan a kindness campaign and submit a project proposal to SKM for approval before the project execution. Projects may be implemented on online platforms, in school or in the community to create awareness on a selected kindness theme. Report submission to SKM is required after project completion.

Students who complete both phases of the programme will be invited to the Kindness Awards Ceremony in January 2024 to receive their Kindness badges and certificates.

Schools / districts do not need to apply for the badge. Cadets who have passed the assessment will be awarded with the badge by the CPB Committee through the St John Portal.


Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM)

When in doubt of the criteria fulfillment, please get in touch with the CPB Committee at for further discussion.