Knowledge of the Order of St John

Course Information and Online Assessment


The Knowledge of the Order of St. John (KSJ/409) is a proficiency badge under the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme. It covers the following:

  • Events leading to the formation of the Order of St. John
  • Development of the Order of St. John till the present day
  • Development of St. John in Singapore from its beginning till present day
  • Structure of the St. John in Singapore
  • Main objectives and purpose of the Order of St. John

The written test is administered online at the St. John portal. Members who pass the test (minimum of 50% of the total marks) will qualify for the Knowledge of the Order of St. John (KSJ/409) badge under the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme.

The badge also serves as compulsory criteria to qualify for the following awards that the cadet can achieve:

  • Chief Commissioner’s Badge
  • Deputy Chief Commissioner's Badge
  • Commissioner’s Badge


The Knowledge of the Order of St. John lesson is conducted at school level during CCA training. Officers (including teacher-officers) are encouraged to go through the lessons with the cadets.

It is stressed that the ‘knowledge’ does not refer to the ‘history’ of the Order of St. John.


Members will qualify to sit for the Knowledge of the Order of St. John (KSJ/409) if they meet the following pre-requisites:

  • They are members of the St. John Brigade in the school as their CCA
  • They have joined the CCA for a minimum period of 6 months (for new members). **
  • They must attend the lessons conducted at school level or zone level

** New members will be eligible to sit for the test in June of the year that they join as members of St. John Brigade. This includes any students who join St. John Brigade in Secondary Two or above.


Schools are to refer to the business calendar for the list of test dates for the calendar year.

Schools are to refer to the timeslots and the number of candidates available in this website before booking.


With the implementation of the Online Assessment, students will sit for the test in schools. Teachers will arrange to book the computer laboratory for the online assessment to be held in schools.


1. Schools are to refer to the booking information for the available timeslots and vacancies.

2. The registration will be opened on the 1st to 15th of previous month of the scheduled test dates for booking. For example, for the test dates in June, the booking will be open from 1st to 15th of May.

3. Registration for the test slot is done via St John Portal on a first-come-first-served basis.

4. The online registration via St John Portal comprises the following:

(a) Selecting the test date and time slot

(b) Selecting the names of students who will sit for the test.

5. Once registration is confirmed, the CPB Committee will inform the respective Zone Commissioner to activate Internal Fund Transfer (IFT).

6. The test fee per candidate is $1.00. The test fees will be deducted via Internal Funds Transfer (IFT).

7. There will be no changes in the candidate list after the test fee is paid.

8. No refund will be made in any case for the payment, including participants who register and paid for the test, but were absent on the day of the test or withdraws before the test.

9. As the test is now administered online, no replacement of candidates or last minute insertion of candidate will be allowed.


1. Candidates are to be seated in the computer laboratory 15 minutes before the start of the test.

2. Candidates are to be briefed on the rules and regulations (to that of the school/national examination involving use of technology) of the online assessment.

3. The students are aware of the URL (, their respective User-ID and password to logon.

4. Candidates are allowed to logon to the website early but will only be allowed to take the test at the stipulated time booked by the teacher/officer previously.

5. Cadets are to ensure that there are no print/non-print documents with them. There should not be any forms of devices attached to the computer for the students to save the questions.

6. Candidates are to observe examination regulations at the duration of the test.

7. Candidates found cheating during the test will be disqualified and will be barred from taking the test for the next 6 months. The school’s principal will be informed for disciplinary actions to be taken.


Schools will be given instructions via email to activate the online assessment on the day of the test via St. John Portal.


1. The Knowledge of the Order of St John Online Assessment comprises thirty (30) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and candidates are to answer all questions.

2. The duration of the test is 60 minutes. Further instructions will be given by the invigilator conducting the test.


NHQ will release the results after all the candidates have sat for the online assessment. Schools will be informed to check the students who passed through the St. John Portal.


1. Candidates who passed the test will be awarded the proficiency badge.

2. The badges will be awarded via the CPB Module in the St. John Portal. No application is required by schools/zones.

3. Once the badge is awarded, the certificates will be printed and distributed to the schools via the Zone CPB officers.


Please direct your questions pertaining to the Knowledge of the Order of St John to the respective Zone CPB officers / Coordinators.