Updated 25 December 2021

  • Have a basic knowledge of different type of Camera in the market, Locked Prayer from Compact to Digital SLR.

  • Know the various Component and features of Digital Camera.

    1. Analog vs. Digital Camera

    2. CCD Size (Important)

    3. Storage Media

    4. Camera Accessories (Tripod, card reader, external flash)

    5. Resolution, Compression

    6. File Format

    7. Lens (Wide angle, Telephoto, Digital Zoom)

    8. Flash

    9. Power Source (Alkaline, Recharge Battery and battery life)

  • Know the various Special Features of Digital Camera.

    1. Macro

    2. Long Zoom Range.

    3. Anti-Shake Feature

    4. High Sensitivity Camera for Night Shoot.

  • Taking Better Photos.

    1. Preventing camera shake & blur

    2. Focusing

    3. Use of Lens

    4. Use of Flash

    5. Use of Scene mode.

Action required from Schools / Districts:

  • For cadets who attended the course on photography, their certificates of participation and digital portfolios displaying the pictures taken during the course should be submitted.

  • For cadets who take photography as a hobby, interview shall be conducted by the CPB Committee. The relevant equipment should be presented, together with the digital portfolio comprising photographs taken previously at least 6 months prior to the interview.