Updated 5 March 2023


The Total Defence Badge Programme aims to promote awareness of, and participation in, Total Defence among secondary school students in uniformed groups.

Using a series of fun, hands-on activities, we hope to help pupils internalize the Total Defence message, as well as increase their commitment to the defence of Singapore.

Badge Guidelines:

Attend and successfully complete all 3 Total Defence Badge Modules (Gold, Silver & Bronze). The duration for each module is defined as follows:

Total Defence Bronze - For Secondary 1 cadets & newly recruited cadets from other levels (if any). To be completed latest by the end of the year.

Total Defence Silver - Recommended Level: Secondary 2 or three (3) months after the Bronze lesson

Total Defence Gold - Recommended Level: Secondary 3 or three (3) months after Silver Lesson


Implementation in St John Brigade with effect from 1 April 2023

The Total Defence Programme for Uniformed Groups (UGs) aims to promote awareness and UG students’ involvement in Total Defence, for 30,000 cadets across nine UGs from Sec 1 to 3 annually.

The refreshed TD Programme for UGs aim to provide more opportunities for cadets to put TD into action by revamping the modules for the attainment of the different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) for the programme, with a greater emphasis on practical emergency preparedness skills, self-directed learning and active citizenry through volunteering. 

Nexus is also partnering with Temasek Foundation on one of the modules for the Gold badge, to better equip our cadets with life-saving skills.

Resources (from 2023):

Click the following links to download the various resources:

Reminder on compulsory Total Defence badge requirements for Key Achievement Badges:

Special Mention about the Total Defence (Gold) Programme:

Below is the overview of the activities to be completed by cadets.

Click here to access the resource package for the Gold programme.

For Activity B on CPR-AED certification:

In partnership with Temasek Foundation for this programme, cadets will be equipped with life-saving skills, which will allow them to apply and put Total Defence into action. Cadets will undergo a 4 hours long course to be certified. Through this activity, Cadets will be better equipped and prepared, and be able to apply these skills in the community should an emergency arise.

Cadets who have already attained their CPR-AED certification prior to this badge programme can also clock the achievement towards the attainment of the Gold badge, without requiring cadets to go through the course again.

Teachers can sign up their Cadets for the free CPR-AED Certification course through any of the approved organisations listed here:

Registration Template (to send email with the following details to any of the organisations listed below):

Subject: Registration for Total Defence Programme for Uniformed Groups CPR-AED Certification

Details required: Please state which school/uniformed group you are from, how many cadets and/or teachers that will be undergoing the course, and preferred date(s) if any. 

List of Organisations offering the free CPR-AED certification:

Award of both badges - Total Defence (Gold) & CPR AED badges respectively

Cadets who successfully completed both Activity A and Activity B will be awarded the Total Defence (Gold) badge.

For cadets who have already been awarded the CPR AED badge prior to this badge programme, they will not be given the badge again.

For cadets who have yet to be awarded the CPR AED badge, the CPB committee will award the badge upon receiving the CPR AED certificates through the online submission link provided in the new CPB-TDF (Gold) application form.


Please take note of the following arrangements and requirements as the brigade transits into the refreshed Total Defence Badge programme. The transitional arrangements shall only apply for graduating students as they will be stepping down from CCA activities within these few months to prepare for national examinations this year.

Previous Total Defence Badge Programme

Applicable Group: Graduating Students (Sec 4 and above) 

Last day of conduct of badge activities: by 30 April 2023

Deadline for badge applications using old set of forms: by 31 May 2023

Application of badge applications under previous programme:

Refreshed Total Defence Badge Programme

Applicable Group: Remaining Cohorts from Sec 1 to 3 (other than graduating students)

Implementation Date: with effect from 1 April 2023

Deadline for badge applications using new set of forms: 3 months after completion of badge activities

Action required from Schools / Districts for badge applications under the new programme


Note that conduct of activities under this previous Total Defence Badge programme for graduating students during the transitional period will cease after 30 April 2023.

Badge applications using the old set of forms shall be submitted latest by 31 May 2023.

Nexus MINDEF has allowed some flexibility on the conduct of the Total Defence badge activities during this COVID-19 period.

The following are the updated activities plan to allow some flexibility for cadets to obtain the various badges.

Click here to download the table in Word doc format.


Click the following links to download the various resources:

Total Defence Badge Programme Lesson Package

- Bronze Level

- Silver Level

- Gold Level

Additional pointers to note:

Badge Applications:

Refer to previous section to find the applicable forms to complete and upload as supporting document.

When in doubt of the criteria fulfillment, please get in touch with the CPB Committee at for further discussion.