Updated 25 December 2021

Badge Guidelines:

Provide community service at own accord and interest for at least 30 VIA hours, spreading over a period of minimum 6 months with the suggested activities (subject to approval). The list is also non-exhaustive.

  1. Providing assisted reading for children in the Student Care Centre

  2. Visiting the elderly in their home and providing cleaning services

  3. Conservation Projects

  4. Fundraising Projects

  5. Help at a Children’s Home

  6. Helping at a Nursing Home

  7. Helping the Handicapped

  8. Hospital Volunteer Work

  9. Peer Tutoring Projects (to primary school students)

  10. Youth and Outreach Work

Community service activities done in the name of St John are not counted as they are the core-activities. They are Flag Day, Walkathon Collections, First Aid Public Duties and Hospital Attachments.

Members are encouraged to provide community service as a long-term commitment and should not end after gaining the badge.

Note: Community Care badge is compulsory to attain the Chief Commissioner’s Badge.


The CPB committee will continue to reduce the number of VIA hours required down to 20 hours, under the Community Care badge requirements, during the ongoing Cpvid-19 pandemic in Singapore, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Cadets must be graduating students (Sec 4 and 5) this year.

  2. For other non-graduating cadets, they must have possessed the Total Defence (Gold) badge, as well as the Deputy Chief Commissioner's Badge at the time of Community Care badge application and are left with this one badge to achieve the Chief Commissioner's Badge.

Briefing Slides:

Click here to view the briefing slides on the Community Care badge.

Submission of Supporting Documents:

  1. From 2022, all schools must use the following standard template to provide details on the VIA / community services hours, completed by each cadet.

VIA / Community Service Records Template (Recommended to use for submission together with individual school VIA Certificate of each student)

  1. This is to allow CPB committee to go through the badge application and the VIA activities done by the students easily, and hence reduce the lead time required to process the badge applications.

Schools should ensure that the completed VIA / community service hours are also recorded timely onto the schools cockpit / system, and added to the students' individual VIA records / certificate.

Recognised VIA / Community Service Activities:

  1. In order to provide schools with the list of activities that are recognized for this badge, we have prepared the list for your reference. Do refer to the list from time to time for any updates.

  2. The CPB Committee will update whenever there are new activities that are recognized upon receiving new applications from schools (and discussions made with the teachers / officers).

  3. List of VIA / Community Service Activities - Click to view / download the document.

Action required from Schools / Districts:

Supporting documents (individual endorsed VIA / Community Service Records Template and individual school VIA Certificate) should be attached during badge application via the St John Portal.