Updated 15 August 2023

Badge Guidelines:

Provide community service at own accord and interest for at least 30 VIA hours, spreading over a period of minimum 6 months with the suggested activities (subject to approval). The list is also non-exhaustive.

Community service activities done in the name of St John are not counted as they are the core-activities. They are Flag Day, Walkathon Collections, First Aid Public Duties and Hospital Attachments.

Members are encouraged to provide community service as a long-term commitment and should not end after gaining the badge.

Note: Community Care badge is compulsory to attain the Chief Commissioner’s Badge.

DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC (Valid till 31 Dec 2023):

The CPB committee will continue to reduce the number of VIA hours required down to 20 hours, under the Community Care badge requirements, during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore, subject to the following conditions:

Briefing Slides:

Click here to view the briefing slides on the Community Care badge.

Submission of Supporting Documents:

VIA / Community Service Records Template (Recommended to use for submission together with individual school VIA Certificate of each student)

Schools should ensure that the completed VIA / community service hours are also recorded timely onto the schools cockpit / system and added to the students' individual VIA records / certificate.

Recognised VIA / Community Service Activities:

When in doubt of the criteria fulfillment, please get in touch with the CPB Committee at for further discussion.