Badge Guidelines:

Students can participate in any of the following programmes:

(a)    Clean Singapore Learning Trail

To educate students on seashore life and its habitats, harmful effects of litter on seashore life, how to differentiate between litter and seashore items and what they can do to protect the natural ecosystem of the beaches.

(b)    National Recycling Outreach Programme

To reach out to the community around the school and educate them on the benefits of recycling, and to promote the 3 'R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle among all sectors of society.

(c)     Community in Bloom Programme

To raise awareness of local ornamental plants, fruit trees, medicinal plants, as well as garden animals (insects and pests), and how their survival will affect the conservation of environment.

(d)    Gardens by the Bay Ambassador’s Programme

To reach out to the community on nature and conservation messages, by performing the role as Gardens Ambassadors with Gardens by the Bay.

After the programme (except for [c] and [d]), students can complete any of the following for badge submission:

Students involved in Community in Bloom are required to complete the activity spelt out in the programme. To submit the badge application, teacher will submit a sample of student’s works as a supporting document.

Students involved in Gardens by the Bay Ambassadors Programme will attend training and complete 9 hours of service sessions in order to qualify for this badge. Badge will be awarded by the CPB Committee.


National Environment Agency (NEA), National Parks Board (NParks), Gardens by the Bay.

Note: This badge programme is currently under review and subjected to changes / revamp.