Updated 14 November 2023


The Drill Knowledge proficiency badge gives the cadets an opportunity to obtain this badge based on their knowledge to carry out drill movements after attending weekly foot drill sessions conducted by their officers / instructors.


1. Cadets must be in Secondary 2 (In September) by the time the assessment is conducted.

2. The purpose of this assessment is to test the cadets’ ability to carry out the drill movement, which he/she has acquired during weekly foot drill lesson(s) conducted at school/district level.

3. The candidates’ expectations to carry out each drill movement are spelt out in the assessment guidelines.


At the time of assessment, the assessor must be recognized as a qualified Assessor on the St John Brigade Singapore Drill Instructor Registry.

Click here for the list of qualified assessors appointed by the Warrant Officer Division.


1.   Before the assessment, teachers/officers must inform the cadets taking the assessment the requirements to pass the assessment.

2.   The drill assessment must be conducted in accordance with the standards regulated by the SJBS Drill Manual (1st Edition).

Click here to access the Drill Manual at the Regimentation & Drills webpage.

3.   For assessors holding the appointment of Corps Staff Officer, or any similar corps appointment, the assessor must not assess Candidates from his/.her own corps.

4.   Candidates are to be assessed in groups of no more than three, where they appoint a timer among themselves. Words of Command are to be given by the Assessor, while the Candidates will only execute the drill movements accordingly. Alternatively, an Assistant can be appointed to give the Words of Command in place of the Assessor.

5.   Candidates are to achieve a minimum score of 80% (i.e. 36/45 and above) to pass the assessment. Candidates may ask the Assessor to clarify their mistakes, but the Assessor’s scoring is final, and Candidates are not allowed to dispute the result. 

6.  In the event of a failure, the Candidate will be given the maximum of 01 x extra attempt. The 2nd attempt will only be conducted for all failures after all Candidates have completed their 1st attempt. Candidates who are on their 2nd attempt are to be assessed at most in groups of 2, to allow the Assessor to pay more attention to each Candidate.

Full details are outlined in the DRI/405 Assessment Guidelines. Click here to access the document.


1.   After the assessment is over, schools/districts shall apply for the Drill Knowledge Badge for cadets who have passed, through the St John Portal, by submitting the completed DRI/405 Summary Form, as well as the Score Sheets.

Click here to access the DRI/405 Summary Form template. (Updated 17 March 2021)

Click here to access the DRI/405 Score Sheet template.

2.   All submitted assessment score sheets must be signed by the Chief Assessor and the Assessors. It must endorsed by either the Corps Teacher-in-charge, District Sergeant Major or District Head of Drills Training. The Assessor and Endorsing Officer are not to be the same person. The Endorsing Officer is to be holding a higher appointment than the Assessor. 

3.   Any incomplete documents submitted will result in the Drill Knowledge Badge applications being rejected by the CPB Committee.


When in doubt of the criteria fulfillment, please get in touch with the CPB Committee at cpbs@brigade.stjohn.org.sg for further discussion.