Updated 25 December 2021


  • Know the following:

    1. Six media

    2. The materials on which the media named above can be used

    3. The techniques peculiar to three different media

    4. The equipment required to work in the medium of his/her choice

    5. The basic art terms used in at least three media

  • Practical

    1. Draw or paint an animal, bird, or flower of known species

    2. Make a perspective drawing of a simple cube angled to the viewer

    3. Make a perspective drawing of a group of objects or buildings

    4. Draw or paint a `still life' set by the instructor

    5. Draw or paint a landscape

  • Using pencils or paint, rough out a scene from a story set by the examiner, adding as much detail to part of it as time permits.


Lower Secondary Art Programme (Ministry of Education)

Action required from Schools / Districts:

  • Option 1 – Applicant who takes art as a hobby can submit a portfolio of the artwork acquired through a course attended outside school curriculum. The applicant may be required to attend an interview conducted by the CPB Committee.

  • Option 2 – Cadets who scored at least 60% for the relevant subject in Art (or equivalent) at Secondary 2 would qualify for the badge. Schools are to submit the end of year overall results slips as supporting evidence.

  • For schools who only offer the relevant subject in Secondary 1, prior official email notification needs to be given to CPB Committee. Thereafter, the end of year overall results slips for Sec 1 can be submitted instead.