Updated 25 December 2021


  • To be able to identify the causes of accidents at the following places:

    1. Home

    2. School

    3. On the roads

  • To be aware of the safety rules pertaining to pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and motorcyclists.

  • To know the water safety rules and how to act in the event of an emergency.

  • Know the procedure to be adopted when encountering an accident.

  • Know the location of the nearest hospital, doctor, fire station and police station/police post from school and home at times of emergency.

  • To be able to come up with a simple safety checklist on any of the following purpose (non-exhaustive):

    1. For use at home

    2. For any lesson(s) conducted in school (i.e. Science lab, D&T workshop)

    3. For any activity conducted during CCA training / outdoor training

Home-Based Online Assessment - conducted centrally by CPB Committee since COVID-19 Pandemic

  • The badge programme has been converted to self-study module. To achieve the badge, participants must pass both the individual assignment and online assessment conducted by the CPB Committee.

  • Registration for the online assessment will open based on the schedule stated in the CPB Calendar, and an email will be sent out by the CPB committee to notify on the start of registration for the course.

  • Schools / districts do not need to apply for the badge. Cadets who have passed the assessment will be awarded with the badge by the CPB Committee through the St John Portal.

Booking Summary and Updates:

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