Updated 25 December 2021

Badge Guidelines:

  • The Coach/Instructor must obtain a complete NCAP conducted by Singapore Sports Council.

  • A participant must achieve the following to attain an Archery Badge:

    1. Successfully completed the Basic Archery Course with at least 8 hours of training and assessment.

    2. Be able to hit a score of at least 200 out of 36 arrows at 20 metres on a 122 cm target face.

    3. Know parts of a basic standard recurved bow and arrows.

    4. Obtained general knowledge on different types of bows, arrows, and bowstrings

    5. Able to do basic how tuning using a basic standard recurved bow.

    6. Able to make a new complete arrow and able to fletch arrows.

    7. Obtained knowledge on all safety aspects of archery including how to set up a safe shooting range


Archery Association of Singapore

Singapore Sports Council – Sports Education (Sports Exposure) Programme

Action required from Schools / Districts:

To submit both the training programme showing at least 8 hours of training with a final practical assessment, and the certificate of completion provided by the organiser / instructor.

When in doubt of the criteria fulfillment, please get in touch with the CPB Committee at for further discussion.