Instruction and assessment will be based on the syllabus and guidelines for each subject/badge. They are laid with the intention to encourage interest in the subject and the attainment of knowledge and/or skills which could be applied practically.

Subjects taken at Secondary Two with a pass above 60% in Overall Mark Grade will be recognized as a pass in the appropriate subject/badge.

With the change in the educational landscape, some subjects are also taken in Secondary One. The candidate is required to produce a documentary proof of the subject that is taken throughout the academic year in order to qualify for the badge. The 60% requirement remains unchanged.

Subjects that involve the use of project work or practical work as assessment tool require realistic period of lessons conducted before the candidates are put to a test of the knowledge learnt throughout the course.

Notes, teaching materials and assessment guidelines may be developed by the National Headquarters, as a separate document to ensure standardization and fair assessment across all schools. Schools and Districts are encouraged to refer to these materials when conducting the different badge-related courses.


For the conduct of assessment for each proficiency badge, the instructor and examiner should not be the same person. Where it is not possible for one instructor to conduct the whole course, two or more instructors may be deployed to assist. Wherever possible, instructors (outside St John) who are experts in their own fields should be contacted to instruct or to be examiners for the particular subject/badge. The National Headquarters will maintain a list of such qualified persons.


Submission of badge applications is based on the Assessment Guidelines for each badge. Schools and Districts are to follow the guidelines stated for each badge.

Application for Cadet Proficiency Badge should be made immediately after the completion of the badge course. Schools and Districts are advised to submit the applications for the badge course & activities organized within the year.

For all subjects except those, which the assessment is administered by external organizations, applications should be made through the usual channels to the National Headquarters, submitting the names of participants who have passed the badge and the name(s) of the qualified instructor from the organization.


All successful candidates will be issued a Proficiency Certificate by the National Headquarters. All records are maintained and monitored by the headquarters for the purpose of identifying candidates for the respective award badges.

It is also the responsibility of the cadet to keep record of the certificates issued, as they will be used as documentary proof to qualify for the award badges.