Updated 25 December 2021


  • Be able to plan a week's work in the house, allocating time to cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, household maintenance and recreation.

  • Know how to keep simple household accounts.

  • Know the routine for house cleaning.

  • Know the importance of cleanliness in general, with particular emphasis on:

    1. The care of cooking utensils and equipment including refrigerators, cookers, washing machines.

    2. Cleaning equipment, e.g. vacuum cleaners, brushers, duster, tea towels, etc.

    3. Toothbrushes, face cloths, towels, etc.

    4. Shoes and clothing

    5. Baths, basins and sinks, WCs, drains, waste bins and dustbins, etc.

  • Know the basic rules for storing food in a refrigerator and a deep freezer.

  • Know the safe way to place saucepans with long handles on a cooker, particularly where there are young children in the home.

  • Be able to lay a table with place settings for four people for the main family meal and a table for six for a dinner party.

  • Know how to receive and entertain guests, pour drinks, and serve tea or coffee.

  • Be able to launder personal clothing and small household items by hand or machine, as appropriate.

  • Know the meaning of symbols on clothing for washing/ironing/dry cleaning, and the recommended methods and temperatures for laundering man-made materials.

  • Be able to maintain and mend clothes, e.g. sew on buttons correctly and securely, repair hems and underwear, valet a man's suit and ladies' coats, etc.

  • Know the basics of preparing coffee/tea, sandwiches, and French toast.


Food and Consumer Education, Lower Secondary Syllabus, Ministry of Education

Action required from Schools / Districts:

  • Cadets who scored at least 60% for the relevant subject in Food & Consumer Education (or equivalent) at Secondary 2 would qualify for the badge. Schools are to submit the end of year overall results slips as supporting evidence.

  • For schools who only offer the relevant subject in Secondary 1, prior official email notification needs to be given to CPB Committee. Thereafter, the end of year overall results slips for Sec 1 can be submitted instead.