Information Updated 16 January 2021


This page provides you with the information on conducting the Community Song badge under the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme.

Conducting Community Song Lessons & Assessment

1. As part of the Community Song badge under the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme, and in order to achieve this badge, cadets are required to sing the any 30 songs from the list of songs provided in the CPB Handbook.

2. Schools are encouraged to conduct the lessons as part of the weekly CCA training's Sing-A-Long session. This will help to strengthen the bond between officers/teachers and members within the CCA unit / corps.

3. Schools are also encouraged to spread out the sing-a-long sessions, and conduct the assessment in a form of a Continual Assessment.

4. Click HERE to view an example of a suggested community song and assessment schedule.

Community Song Resources

The lyrics of the various songs and music files are now available. Click HERE to view them.


1. Choral Singing at each assessment day / session is NOT allowed. It will be difficult to determine if cadets are really singing or lip-singing.

2. Maximum number of cadets to be tested is recommended at 6 cadets per group.

3. Assessment will be based on the ability to sing the songs taught during the lessons / sing-a-long sessions. No other requirements are needed for this assessment.

Post Assessment Administration

Upon completion of the assessment, schools are to submit the following as supporting documents together with the online application of badges:

(a) Schedule of Sing-A-Long Sessions / Lessons & Assessment

(b) List of 30 songs chosen (can be subsumed into the schedule submitted together)

(c) List of Candidates tested at every assessment and results

Click HERE to view the sample of the scoring sheet


For more information, please contact the CPB Committee. Thank you.