Updated 15 August 2023


The SANA Badge Scheme, which started in 1977, impacts more than 5,000 youths a year. This programme is a half-day motivational workshop for secondary school students from the uniformed groups. The workshop gives them information on illegal drugs, the harmful consequences of drug abuse and how to lead healthy lifestyles without relying on substances. The course ends with an online assessment. Upon completion, they each receive a customized SANA Badge.

In 2016, SANA has revamped the course, in order to engage our youths with the community.  The badge name in general is now known as SANA Ambassador.  Hence, St John Brigade will now rename its badge as "Anti-Drug Ambassador".  We hope through the renaming of this badge, it gives an opportunity for our cadets to be advocates to spread the importance of staying drug-free.

Badge Guidelines:

Attend and successfully complete the Anti-Drug Abuse Course (Bronze) organised by the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association.

To complete the course, participants must pass the theory test held on the day of the course.

Schools / districts do not need to apply for the badge. Cadets who have completed the course and passed the assessment will be awarded with the badge by the CPB Committee through the St John Portal.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the badge programme has been converted to self-study module. To achieve the badge, participants must pass the online assessment administered by the CPB Committee.

The fee is $2.50 per participant who passed the online assessment.  Registration for the online assessment will open based on the schedule stated in the CPB Calendar, and an email will be sent out by the CPB committee to notify on the start of registration for the course.

Cadets who passed the online assessment will be awarded the badge by the CPB committee at the St John Portal. No further action is required from schools / districts.


When in doubt of the criteria fulfillment, please get in touch with the CPB Committee at for further discussion.