Knowledge of the Order of St John

Assignment-Based Assessment

Information Updated 16 January 2021

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The Knowledge of the Order of St. John (KSJ/409) is a proficiency badge under the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme. It covers the following:

  • Events leading to the formation of the Order of St. John

  • Development of the Order of St. John till the present day

  • Development of St. John in Singapore from its beginning till present day

  • Structure of the St. John in Singapore

  • Main objectives and purpose of the Order of St. John

ASSIGNMENT-BASED ASSESSMENT- replacing the previous online theory test

With effect from 2020, the CPB committee has adopted a new method of assessing this badge through assignment-based assessment. This was also introduced during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, where CCAs are suspended until the situation improved for the better.

The assignment consists of a series of open-ended questions and tasks for the cadets to work on. The entire assessment administered through the Google Classroom platform.

Upon successful registration, teachers-in-charge and cadets will be invited to the Google Classroom set up by the CPB committee for the respective participating schools.

Cadets will be given 2 weeks from the start of the assessment period to work on the assignment questions. Thereafter, submission of the completed work will be done through the assignment page of the Google Classroom.

CPB committee will individually grade the work after the end of the assessment period and award to the Knowledge of the Order of St. John (KSJ/409) badge those have met the passing requirements.


This badge serves as compulsory criteria to qualify for the following awards that the cadet can achieve under the CPB Scheme:

  • Chief Commissioner’s Badge

  • Deputy Chief Commissioner's Badge

  • Commissioner’s Badge


The theory lesson can be either conducted during CCAs at respective schools' discretion or be assigned offline to cadets for their own self-study.

Click HERE for the Knowledge of the St John notes.


1. Schools are to refer to the latest CPB calendar for the registration periods.

2. An email will be sent out by the CPB committee regarding registration, prior to each round of assessment.

3. To register for the home-based assignment, schools are to complete the attached Excel spreadsheet with the choice of payment mode (IFT / MOE IFAAS / Cash / Cheque), the names and personal Gmail addresses of the registered cadets and email the file to us.

4. The test fee per candidate remains at $1.00.


Upon successful registration, schools will receive an email confirmation from CPB committee.

All instructions on the assignment to cadets will be disseminated / posted on Google Classroom.


Once the grading of assignments have been completed, CPB committee will release the results via email. Schools will be informed on who has passed the assessment, as well as those who did not pass.

CPB Committee will award the badge to those who have passed via the St John Portal. No action is required from the Districts & Corps.


Please direct your questions pertaining to the Knowledge of the Order of St John to the CPB Committee. Thank you.