CPB Handbook (4th Edition)
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Knowledge of the Order of St John
The Knowledge of the Order of St John provides cadets from St John Brigade, Singapore with the knowledge of:
1. The events leading up to the formation of the Order.
2. The original purpose and the aims of the Order.
3. The main events, names and appropriate dates leading up to the fall of Malta.
4. The development of the Order and its Foundation to the present day.
5. The Full Name of the Order, the Original Purpose, Symbols of the Order
6. The Organisation Structure and the significance of the Great Officers of the Order.
7. The Cadet Code of Chivalry
8. The development of the St John in Singapore.

Briefing Slides

Briefing on CPBS (4th Edition)

Introduction to Kindness Badge

Crime Prevention Course (New Syllabus)

Step-by-Step Guide (CPB-Related)
- Booking of Courses (by schools)
- Booking on KSJ test slots (by schools)
(To be updated)

Badge Resources by Schools and Zones

These are some of the badge resources that are contributed by schools / Zones.  You can download them to conduct the activities, and you are free to make changes to these resources to suit your students learning needs.

Note that the resources do not include assessment papers.  If you need samples, please approach the CPBS Coordinator (

Schools / Zones who wish to contribute materials related to the respective CPB programme(s), please contact the CPBS Coordinator.

(Contributed by Anderson Sec School)

(Contributed by Boon Lay Sec School)
*Download may be slow as there is a sample video file

(Contributed by Mr. Colin Ting)

(Contributed by Mr. Colin Ting)

Activity Resources

Outward Bound Singapore
(To be updated soon)

Total Defence Programme

Singapore Discovery Centre offers
TD Programmes for schools
- Gold Level
For the above lessons, course and assessment are conducted by SDC. For Gold, students still need to fulfill Part 3 in school to qualify for the Gold Badge.

Community in Bloom Project
Resources for Environment Education badge.  As the activities are of rather smaller scale, we recommend schools who choose to embark on CIB project to complete all the recommended activities.
(Link under construction)

Cycling Course
Information for Cycling Course.  Recommended as the course meets all criteria stated in CPB Handbook.
- from Adventure Madness
  (Explorer on Wheels)
- from Asian Detours
  (integrate with Safe Cycling Level 2)
(Links under construction)
Photography Course
Information on Photography Course for cadets.  Course includes skills and porfolio development, helping cadets to develop interests in photography.
- from Popular DMG
- from Colorwise
(Links under construction)

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association
(Information on SANA course)
Sports Education Programme Portal
Information on Sports Education Programme for Schools.  Includes contacts to conduct CPB-related activities.

Shooting Programme for Cadets
(Links under construction)

Energy Experience Programme
Information on Energy Conservation Course & Booking

Singapore Civil Defence Force
Information on CEPP - similar to Civil Defence Course

Cleaning Singapore Learning Trail
This programme replaces the Seashore Life Programme.  Refer to the link for the following information:
- Online Registration
- Activity Handouts for Students

Archery Assocation of Singapore
List of Affliated Members
- For contact to conduct Basic Archery Course
- Schools contacting them, please provide them with our badge criteria before making any decision.
(Link under construction)

Vendors Contact

Adventure Madness (Previously TerraOutdoors)
Asian Detours (incorporate with Safe Cycling Level 2)

Adventure-Based Activities

Leadership Programmes