Course Booking

Information on Course Booking & Procedures
Updated as at 6 August 2017


In accordance to the organising agency (SANA & SCDF), the pre-requisites for applying to participate in the following courses are as follow:

a)    SANA Course                         Secondary 1 to 3

b)    Civil Defence                          Secondary 1 to 3

C)    Youth Health Ambassador     Secondary 1 to 4 (new from 2014)
Teachers and officers will decide for Sec 4 or Sec 5 students if they wish to attend the above courses.  The advice from St John HQ is to register them for the March course, as it has been a common practice of many schools to stop their CCA from 1st April.

Application Procedures

1.   Schools who would like to register for the course will register online via the St John Portal.

2.   Schools will be informed on the start of the course registration.  All registration will close two weeks before the course commences.

3.   Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.

4.   The course fee per participant is ($2.50 for SANA course)No payment is required for Civil Defence Course.

5. Upon receiving the registration, the school and the corresponding zone will be informed via email that the registration has been confirmed, and the deadline to make the payment.

6. All payments are strictly only by Internal Funds Transfer (IFT).    (with effect from 2017)

7. No refund will be made in any case for the payment of course, including participants who register and paid for the course, but absent on the day of the course.

8. Unless there is/are valid reason(s) provided by the school, there should be no change of date or cancellation allowed after registration confirmed and payment made. Change of date is subject to vacancies available.

9. Schools who wish to cancel their course two weeks before the start of the course will not have their payment refund.

10. Teachers-in-charge and officers are encourage to check against their school & CCA calendar before making any registration, to avoid any inconveniences.