Information Updated 1 January 2021


Nexus MINDEF has allowed some flexibility on the conduct of the Total Defence badge activities during this COVID-19 period.

The following are the updated activities plan to allow some flexibility for cadets to obtain the various badges.

Click here to download the table in Word doc format.


Click the following links to download the various resources:

Total Defence Badge Programme Lesson Package

- Bronze Level

- Silver Level

- Gold Level


1. Schools will use the following forms for badge application. Click on the links to download the forms. All forms are now updated for use from January 2020.

- CPB-TDF (Bronze) Submission Form

- CPB-TDF (Silver) Submission Form

- CPB-TDF (Gold) Submission Form

2. Schools are to indicate clearly the date of lesson and assessment, and only candidates who passed the module.

3. The number of participants who passed the course are to be clearly stated by level and gender.

4. Submission of the forms via St John Portal (uploading as supporting document) does not require signature & school stamp.

5. There is no need to submit any other documents other than the CPB-TDF forms provided by CPB Committee, unless otherwise requested by the CPB Committee.


If you have questions regarding the Total Defence Badge Programme, please direct them to the CPB Committee. Thank you.