(Updated 1st April 2019)


1. Under the Outdoor Education Masterplan from the Ministry of Education, the above badges have been revamped to meet the objectives of both the CPB Scheme and Outdoor Education Masterplan.

2. As the Outdoor Education Masterplan will take place from 2020, the above badge programmes that are related to the OE Masterplan will continue to serve to assist our members attain the proficiency badges.

3. The guidelines will apply to the following badges under the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme:

- Camping & Campcraft

- Hiking

- Map Reading


1. Schools / Zones are to arrange with the qualified instructor (under CPB Instructor List) on the following before the course:

(1) Equipment required for each course – to loan from HQ if necessary.

(2) To check the venue if it is suitable to conduct the activity – especially when many schools have converted their fields to synthetic, are not suitable to conduct camping-related activities.

(3) Other arrangement such as classroom logistics and notes for the participants.

2. The list of qualified instructors are found in the link below:

- List of Qualified Instructors for Outdoor Education


1.Do take note of the Instructor-Participant Ratio (Min. 1:40 for classroom, 1:20 or less for outdoor) when you conduct the course and activity.

2. Our trained instructors are authorised to engaged officers / teachers who are not trained instructors to be facilitators. They will only assist the instructors during the conduct of these activities.


1. Assessment is based on the ability to carry out the task(s) specified by the instructor. No theory test is required.

2. The assessment can be conducted in a form of a formative assessment, by teaching and monitoring the cadet’s ability to carry out the task(s) and conduct the test thereafter. Assessment can also be carried out in a form of a summative assessment, which is to conduct the assessment after all the skills are taught.

3. Assessment guidelines (in a form of checklist) will be provided by the CPB Committee.

4. Assessment can also include verbal questions-and-answer (Q&A) with the participants, based on the badge criteria.


1. At the end of the course and assessment, compile the results for the purpose of applying for the badge(s).

2. Submit the applications in St John Portal, CPB Module and attach the required documents accordingly.

3. Here is the summary of application for each badge:

- Camping & Campcraft (submission form, 3 photos of lessons, 3 photos of assessment) *

- Hiking (submission form, pre-hiking instructions, RAMS) *

- Map Reading (submission form, route map, instructions on identifying checkpoints) *

*The instructions are also indicated in the submission form.


Below are the following resources for download:

- Badge Guidelines for Outdoor Education Instructor

- CPB-CCC Submission Form

- CPB-HIK Submission Form

- CPB-MPR Submission Form


Please direct your questions with regards to the above badges and activities to your respective Zone CPB officers.

Camping and Campcraft


Map Reading