Youth Health Ambassador Badge Programme

Updated 1st September 2018


The Health Ambassador Badge Programme is a joint collaboration between St John Ambulance Brigade (SJAB) and Health Promotion Board (HPB). The objective of the programme is to create awareness among cadets on the importance of healthy lifestyle, educating and involving them within the school / beyond school community.


With effect from 1st September 2018, the Youth Health Ambassador Programme will discontinue. Schools who have previously attended the course should continue to complete the project in order to be awarded with the badge.


1. After the course, participants are expected to work on the project specified by the HPB. Each project group must not exceed 5 students.

2. Projects must be submitted to the Teacher-in-Charge / Officer within 6 weeks from the date which the course ends.

3. The assessment criteria will cover the following, based on the rubrics provided:

- Application of Knowledge and Skills 10 marks

- Product (Creativity / Originality) 5 marks

- Presentation (min. 3 photos of product) 5 marks

- Project Learning Process 5 marks


The teachers / officers will work on the submission of the following documents by the 7th week from the date which the course ends.

- Project Report Form (for each project group)


1. HPB will endorse the results submitted by schools and will release the names of students who have passed the course to St John HQ. HQ will award the Youth Health Ambassador Badge to the cadets via the St John Portal, CPB Module. Schools need not apply the badge applications.

2. Should HPB requires to view the projects before endorsing the results, schools are to submit the projects to HPB for viewing before they can be awarded with the proficiency badge. We will inform the teachers how to submit the projects.

3. Upon receiving the Cadet Proficiency Badge certificates, schools/cadets may proceed to purchase the badges from St John Store accordingly.


Should there be any questions pertaining to the following, you may direct them to the CPB Committee.