The Kindness Badge is a collaboration between the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and St John Singapore. The programme, Kindness Badge, aims to achieve the following:

  • Encourage Uniformed Groups to foster a positive sense of community awareness and spread kindness in society through projects or campaigns.
  • Provide opportunities to forge stronger camaraderie between the various Uniformed Groups.

The badge programme for St John Brigade started in March 2015 with the selected group of students working to achieve the Gold Level of the programme in line with the Kindness Awards Ceremony. After which, cadets who are interested to achieve this badge would embark on the badge by starting the programme from the Bronze level.


The Kindness Badge programme comprises the following:

Bronze Level (Focus: Learning)

1. Students would attend ‘The Good Vibes Workshop’ and participate in a 2-hour interactive discussion to learn about current affairs related to kindness in the community.

2. To book for a slot for the workshop, please refer to the Kindness Badge website.

3. As a takeaway from the design thinking workshop, students would bring back with them one (or more) project ideas that could be implemented at the Silver Level.

Silver Level (Focus: Training)

1. Students would initiate a 3-hour kindness campaign within their school as an individual or in a group.

2. A short project report and reflection should be submitted to their teachers upon completion.

3. Students may refer to the Kindness Badge website ( for templates that they can use for the Silver Level.

Gold Level (Focus: Execution)

1. Students would extend the reach of a 3-hour kindness campaign to the community to promote graciousness within their communities.

2. Schools interested in participating in the Gold level should first register their interest HERE .

3. Students may refer to the Kindness Badge website for templates that they can use for the Gold Level.

4. Project proposals are to be submitted to SKM via email at for approval between March and April.

5. At the end of the project, students will submit the project report with reflections to SKM for evaluation. Selected students will be invited to showcase their projects during the Kindness Awards Ceremony in November each year.


1. Schools who are interest to carry out the Kindness Badge programme can obtain the Students Activity Handbook from HQ. They are to make an appointment with brigade office before making the trip to HQ to collect the handbooks for students. After which, schools can begin the programme with the students.

2. A copy of the Teacher’s Handbook will also be issued to the teacher-in-charge for reference.


To attain the Kindness Badge as a proficiency badge under the CPB Scheme, students need to complete ALL 3 LEVELS of the badge programme. There is no fixed time frame to complete the badge programme at Bronze and Silver levels. Schools can decide an appropriate timeframe for the students to embark and complete the project at each level.

1. At the Bronze level, schools will submit the summary report based on the number of students who have attended the bronze level programme.

Click HERE to download the submission form for Bronze Level.

2. At Silver level, teachers/officers will work together to evaluate the projects done by the students before submitting for badge applications. The project report will be used for students to submit the project to their teachers for evaluation.

Click HERE to download the project report, to be used in school. No submission is required.

Click HERE to download the submission form for Silver level.

3. For Gold level projects, the evaluation authority will be the Singapore Kindness Movement. Hence, upon receiving the results from SKM, HQ CPB Committee will award the students with the Gold level badge which also serves as a proficiency badge for St John. However, students must complete both Bronze and Silver levels before they can be awarded the Gold badge.

To register for the Gold Level, please click HERE to submit the form online.

Click the following links to download the forms for Gold level:

(a) Badge Proposal

(b) Badge Report


The following are the resources with regard to the Kindness Badge:

- Kindness Badge Website (for Uniformed Groups)

- Kindness Badge Information Guide (for Uniformed Groups)


Schools can approach the CPB Committee for further enquiries pertaining to the badge programmes.

Kindness Gold Badge

Kindness Silver Badge

Kindness Bronze Badge