1. Launched in 1999, the National Heritage Badge programme comprises a badge awarded by NHB to deserving Uniformed Group students who have completed a heritage project. It aims to raise the students’ awareness of Singapore’s heritage and encourage students to share knowledge on matters relating to heritage through their projects.

2. The programme has recently been re-launched and the refreshed programme includes a new National Heritage Badge design, accompanying guidebooks for teachers and students, and more interesting project tasks for the students. The Teacher’s Guide consists of lesson plans and tips for teachers on how to better engage and guide students on their projects while the Student’s Guide includes project tasks which students can embark on to attain a National Heritage Badge

3. St. John Brigade has embarked on the badge as part of the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) since 2005. It is to encourage cadets to acquire knowledge of our country's history, culture and beliefs through research projects.

4. Heritage is about "...knowing our roots...". Therefore, the main idea of the project is to know the country's history, culture and beliefs are related to our Heritage.


1. Students are required to complete the project specified by the National Heritage Board.

2. The project aim to develop students’ knowledge of matters relating to heritage in a fun, innovative and creative way. The projects can be further implemented across levels, to promote leadership and commitment to learning about their community and/or Singapore’s history.

3. Schools can download the following resources to conduct the programme

- Briefing Slides for Teachers

- Teacher's Guide (only for St John)

- Briefing Slides for Students

- Student's Handbook


Teachers are to ensure that the objectives are met and have met the guidelines to complete the project. With the vast information from books and internet, teachers are to ensure that members do not infringe copyright laws throughout the process of completing the project. Any projects found to have violate the copyright law will be disqualified.

The teacher submitting the project will have to sign the assurance note (stated in the CPB-NHB form).


Upon completion of the projects and assessment, schools need to complete the following to apply for the proficiency badges:

1. Submit online application via the CPB Module in St John Portal

2. Uploading the projects & student's reflections in Google Drive (new from 2020)

Please email cpbs@stjohn.org.sg to obtain the link to upload the projects & reflections

2. Submit the CPB-NHB Form (Please download the form through this link)


Please direct your questions regarding the Heritage Badge to your respective Zone CPB officers.