The Drill Knowledge proficiency badge gives the cadets an opportunity to obtain this badge based on their knowledge to carry out drill movements after attending weekly footdrill sessions conducted by their officers / instructors.


1. Cadets must be in Secondary 2 (In September) by the time the assessment is conducted.

2. The purpose of this assessment is to test the cadets’ ability to carry out the drill movement, which he/she has acquired during weekly footdrill lesson(s) conducted at school/zone level.

3. The candidates’ expectations to carry out each drill movement are spelt out in the assessment guidelines.


1. The Assessor must possess good results from any of the following certificates:

(a) Advanced Drill Instructor Course

(b) Footdrill Instructor Course (Gold)

(c) Footdrill Instructor Course (Silver)

2. The personnel with the above certification must be recommended by Head, Training (at HQ level) to become the qualified examiner for this badge.

3. Assessors are appointed to a two years term. In order to be reappointed as DRI Assessor, he/she must have done assessment for 36 cadets over a period of two years and attends the Drill Instructor’s Workshop every two years.


1. Before the assessment, teachers/officers must inform the cadets taking the assessment the requirements to pass the assessment.

2. The Assessor can be from the same Zone as the cadets taking the assessment, however the Assessor and the cadets taking the assessment must not be from the same Corps.

3. Cadets are to be put into groups of 3 candidates for the assessment. The Assessor is to give command for the team to execute the required drills. The Assessor may also appoint an assistant to give commands for the group.

4. The mode for this assessment is practical only. Cadets are expected to display a set of 22 drill movements identified by the assessor.

5. Cadets are expected to achieve 80% (i.e. display correctly 17 sets of drill movements out of the 22 sets identified by the assessor) in order to be awarded the Drill Knowledge Badge.

6. Assessors are allowed to invoke a second attempt for the assessment only if the cadet failed to achieve 17 marks.

7. Assessment for a group of 3 cadets should not exceed more than 15 minutes.


1. Chief Assessor is to be appointed when the following situation occurs:

(i) Assessment is held at Zone-level or at Corps-level when the number of cadets taking the assessment is more than 20.

(ii) Assessment is held at Zone or Corps level when there are 3 or more Assessors appointed excluding the Chief Assessor.

2. If the assessment is conducted for more than 20 candidates, Chief Assessor is to ensure that there are enough assessors to conduct the assessment at a comfortable pace and standards are not compromised.

3. When Chief Assessor is appointed, it must be ensured that he or she has perform assessment for this badge prior to appointment for at least more than 3 times.

4. Chief Assessor’s job is to:

(i) Ensure that the assessment is done based on standards listed in the St. John Brigade Drill Manual.

(ii) Ensure that Assessors are not assessing cadets from their own Corps.

(iii) Facilitate the assessment flow and administration.


1. At the end of the assessment, schools will submit the DRI/405 (Summary) Form with relevant signatures taken for badge application. Schools can also submit scanned copy of the document and attach in the St John Portal for badge application.

2. The submitted form must be signed by the Chief Assessor and/or Assessors and endorsed by the Corps OIC/TIC or Zone Training Officer. Chief Assessor/Assessor and Endorsing Officer should not be of a same person. Endorsing Officer should be of a higher appointment than the Chief Assessor/Assessor.

3. Any incomplete form(s) will result in the applications rejected by the CPB Committee.

4. The individual score sheet must be signed by the Assessor and endorsed by the Zone Training Officer.

5. Schools/Zones must retain the original copy of the individual assessment score sheet for safekeeping for up to a year from the time of the assessment. The CPB Committee or Training Committee reserves the right to recall the score sheet for verification or audit if necessary.


Instructors and examiners should refer to the drill movements from the Brigade Drill Manual for teaching and learning of various drill movements.

RESOURCES (Updated 15 April 2019)

The following resources are available for download.

- Brigade Drill Manual (1st Edition)

- Drill Instructor Registry

- Drill Knowledge Assessment Guidelines

- Drill Knowledge Assessment Score Sheet

- Drill Knowledge Submission Form


Please direct your questions pertaining to the Drill Knowledge Badge to the CPB Committee.