1. The Civil Defence Course is a collaboration between St. John Brigade and SCDF, to provide members knowledge in Civil Defence skills such as fire-fighting and emergency preparedness. Members will undergo both theory and practical lessons, hoping to put them into practice in times of emergency both in school and at home.

2. To align with the three-tier Community First Response framework, the Civil Defence course which comprised 5 modules will be streamlined into a three-tier structured programme. This structure equips responders with Emergency Preparedness skills and knowledge that matches with their expected level of response in the event of an emergency.

2. The content of the course is also trimmed to focus on core life-saving skills and essential emergency procedures with greater emphasis on practical hands-on engagements. This will aid participants’ understanding, improve their memory retention and most importantly, allow them to practically apply what they have learnt to help others during emergencies.


1. This is a HALF-DAY COURSE and the course timings are as follows:

- AM Session: 8.45am to 12.30pm

- PM Session: 1.45pm to 5.30pm

2. St John HQ has worked with SCDF to have the courses to be held at the following venues:

- HQ 1 CD Division, Queensway Fire Station.

- HQ 4 CD Division, Bukit Batok Fire Station.

Schools can choose the venue of the course based on the bookings available.

3. Participants are required to report to the course venue 15 minutes before the start of the course. Schools are to arrange transport on their own and arrive on time.


Since 2012, there is no age restriction for students attending the Civil Defence Course. This is in accordance to the rules set by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).


1. Each session can only accommodate based on the requirements at each venue:

- HQ 1 CD Division (Queensway Fire Station) : up to 40 participants only

- HQ 4 CD Division (Bukit Batok Fire Station) : up to 40 participants only

2. Participants are expected to be dressed in their St John T-shirt / School T-shirt and track pants. Participants are also to bring along their writing materials and enough money for lunch at their canteen.

3. Schools are to ensure that there are teachers accompanying the participants at the course venue to take care of attendance and discipline at all times. Schools without accompanying officers and teachers will be taken care by SCDF officers and other officers / teachers present.


School are to adhere to the booking procedure stating in the Standard Operating Procedures. Please refer to Course Booking for more information and procedures.


Our cadets being in the uniformed group will attend the 2nd Tier of the programme, known as "Response Ready" Programme. The outline of the course, catered to St John cadets is as follows:

1. Introduction

- Course Objectives

- Overview of SGSecure

- Reinforce Essential EP knowledge

- Difference Between Emergency and Non-Emergency Cases

> General Fire Safety Tips

> The Ready Bag

> IPP Procedures

> Importance of the Triangle Of Life

2. First Aid

- Roles of a First Aider and Scene Safety

- Contents of First Aid Kit

- Burns and Wounds Management

- Sprain Management

- Choking (Practical)

3. Save-A-Life Initiative

- The “Hardware” - AEDs in HDBs

- The “Heartware” - Application of D.A.R.E Concept

- The “Software” – myResponder app

- SMRT-Temasek Cares AED on Wheels

4. Fire Fighting

- Procedures of Operating a Fire Extinguisher and a Hose Reel

5. SGSecure mobile app


1. Upon completion of the course, certificate of participation will be issued to participants. The certificates will be delivered to St John HQ after the course.

2. HQ will award the badge for those who have passed the course, via the Mass Application using the CPB Module in St John Portal.


Please direct your questions regarding the Civil Defence Course to your respective Zone CPB officers.