The 4th Edition of the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) Handbook was launched in July 2016. With the launch, the proficiency badge scheme provides cadets with the opportunity to attain badges based on their own interests and to help them develop holistically.

To better equip schools and zones with the necessary information, the CPB Committee has come up with specific guidelines and resources to assist the teachers and officers to conduct the badge related activities. The guidelines include post-course admin work required, leading to the application and award of the badges.

We hope you will find the resources useful. If you have suggestions on certain resources or if you would like to share the resources with us, please email the CPB Coordinator at

Documents for Download

CPB Guidelines Full Document

Click the link above download the badge guidelines

Purchasing Badges

Information on purchasing Cadet Proficiency Badges

Pre-NCO Course Application Form

This form is to be submitted by Zone before conducting any programmes related to CPB. Upon approval, zones may conduct the CPB-related programmes during NCO course.

Project Assessment Rubrics

Schools can use the rubrics developed by CPB Committee to assist them in assessing project-based assessment leading to the award of the respective proficiency badges. Teachers who are conducting the assessment can choose the different descriptors and combine to form the customised rubrics related to the nature of the project / badge.

Teachers are welcome to give suggestions to us by emailing to the CPB Committee.

List of Qualified Instructors

The list of qualified instructors for the badge courses that are certified by HQ.

To request for the contact information of the instructors, please approach your respective Zone CPB Officers or email accordingly.

Casualty Simulation

Instructor List

(To be updated)

Drill Knowledge

Instructor List

(to be updated)

Outdoor Education

Instructor List

(To be updated)