Purchase Proficiency Badges

Price of Proficiency Badges

1. All badges are sold at $1.50 each.

2. The following award badges are sold at $2.00 each.
    1. Deputy Chief Commissioner's Badge
    2. Commissioner's Badge
    3. Superintendent Badge

3. The Chief Commissioner Badge is not for sale.  Recipients of the Chief Commissioner's Badge will receive the award badge at the ceremony to be presented by the Chief Commissioner himself.

4. The following proficiency badges are issued free to cadets who passed the proficiency badge subject, as these badges are sponsored by the external organisations:
  •     Heritage Badge
  •     Water Ambassador Badge
  •     Kindness Badge (Gold, Silver and Bronze)

Order Form for Purchasing Badges

1. We have introduced the order form for purchasing the proficiency badges for the following purposes:
    - To provide details of each purchase (especially for bulk purchases)
    - To allow purchase form to be emailed to the person-in-charge prior to collection

2. Fill in the details of the purchase form and email to Mr Sunny Teo (sunnyteo@stjohn.org.sg).  You will be informed if the badges are ready for collection.

3. To download the purchase form, click HERE.

Payment Mode on Purchase of Badges

Purchase of badges can be made via the following modes:

1. Cash - to purchase at the St John Shop

2. Cheque - to indicate the amount and address the cheque to St. John Singapore

3. Internal Fund Transfer (IFT) - A memo / email must be produced to state that the Zone Commissioner has approved the purchase of proficiency badges by deducting from the Corps fund.

4. MOE Fund Transfer (IFAAS) - To indicate the information clearly on the purchase form

Collection of badges purchased / issued

1. You may collect the badges when you purchase the badges at the St John Shop (located at the entrance of HQ premises).  For badges that are issued free by the external organisation, you can also collect them at the shop.

2. If you are placing orders (after sending email with attachment of the purchase form), you can indicate the preferred collection date.  The package will be ready for you for collection.  If you are paying by cash or cheque, please arrange with the person-in-charge before you make your trip to HQ to collect the badges and make payment.

3. Please make sure that for every badge purchased, you are to bring along the Cadet Proficiency Badge Certificate(s) along.  A stamp will be affixed at the back of the certificate to certify that the badge is purchased / issued.  Badges will not be issued / sold if the certificates not produced at the time of collection.

Questions and Suggestions

You can email your questions and suggestions to our email address, cpbs@stjohn.org.sg.  Do also give us good suggestions if you have by emailing to our email address.