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Cadet Proficiency Badges
This page provides you with the comprehensive information on the
Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS)


29 March 2018 
The Heritage Badge has entered a new era with new criteria set by National Heritage Board.  Hence we are reviewing our badge criteria to integrate with the criteria set by NHB.  In the meantime, schools can continue with the programmes by referring to the following URL to download materials for students before starting the programme.

Click HERE to access the link to view & download the resources.

Any additional enquiries, please direct to cpbs@stjohn.org.sg

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(Updated 10 March 2018)

CPB Handbook (eBook Version)
(4th Edition, 2016) 


Update on Collection of Total Defence Certificates & Badge
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For CPB-related issues (including KOTO slot assignment and badge approvals), kindly contact HQ CPB Coordinator at:

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Updated 29 March 2018