Total Defence Badge

Information on Total Defence Badge Lessons
Updated 15 December 2014

The Total Defence Badge Programme aims to promote awareness of, and participation in, Total Defence among secondary school students in uniformed groups.

Using a series of fun, hands-on activities, we hope to help pupils internalise the Total Defence message, as well as increase their commitment to the defence of Singapore.

Here are the lessons for each of the different levels, and the link to the lesson packages.
- Information provided by NEXUS-MINDEF
- Recommended Level : Secondary 1
- Duration: 3 hours
- Assessment: Show & Tell or Team Building Activity
- Recommended Level: Secondary 2
- Duration: 30 minutes recap lesson + 1 Field Trip
- Assessment: Reflection Journal / Blog
- Cadets can start to clock the Community Service Hours to achieve Part 3 of Total Defence Gold (if adopt Community Service)
- Recommended Level: End of Secondary / Beginning of Secondary 3
- Duration (Parts 1 and 2 only): 2 hours
- Assessment: Role Play
- To complete Part 3 before submission

    (With Effect From 2015)

    (Updated 15 December 2014)

    (Part 3 of Total Defence Gold Lesson & Assessment)
Submission Forms to HQ via Zone (Procedures)
1. Schools are to indicate clearly the date of lesson and assessment, and only candidates who passed the module.
2. The number of participants who passed the course are to be clearly stated by level and gender.
3. Submission of the forms via St John Portal duration application process does not require signature & school stamp.  However, in order to claim badges and for auditing purpose, the hardcopy form must be submitted with signature and school stamp.

Collection of Total Defence Badges & Certificates

1. Schools can authorise officers or cadets to collect the Total Defence badges and certificates from HQ during office hours (Mon-Fr: 9am to 4pm, Sat: 9am to 1pm).  This is to avoid delay in the issue of certificates as our officers are volunteers.

2.  To collect the certificates, the submission form (CPB-TDF) must be submitted with signatures and school stamp at the point of collection.  Forms without these will not be allowed to collect the badges and certificates.

3. Please make prior appointment with the Brigade Executive (Mr Derrick Leow - before making down the trip to HQ to collect the certificates.

4. We hope this arrangement will help the schools and zones in one way or another.

5. The latest updates of the badges and certificates collected can be found at the home page of the CPB website.  Schools are to collect the certificates and badges before the end of the year.

Total Defence Submission Forms (Revised Forms to be used from 2015)