Languages Badge

Updated 15 December 2014


The applicant applying for this badge must have attended lessons conducted outside curriculum time as a 3rd language. The language that is learnt in school is considered Mother Tongue Language, regardless of the nationality.

The pre-requisite language includes:
    1. Any foreign language learnt as a 3rd language
    2. Language learnt as part of the Conversational Mother Tongue Programme organised by the school.

To qualify for the assessment, the student should have studied at least two years in the language while in current school (since Sec 1 / Year 1). Assessment may be conducted at the end of the 2nd year of the language course (if it takes more than two years to complete the course).


1. The assessment can be administered by the instructor who conducted the course or another language teacher of the language that the students have learnt.

2. The assessment is based on the following:
    (a) To do a self-introduction
    (b) To introduce about the school
    (c) To introduce about the school’s SJAB unit

3. A documentary proof of the student’s results or involvement in the language course must be produced together with this assessment checklist for the badge application.