National Heritage Badge

Updated 15 December 2014


The Heritage Badge is a badge of distinction. It is awarded to those who have the passion, commitment and drive to learn about, research and share their knowledge of matters related to Singapore's history, culture and beliefs. The badge is awarded by the National Heritage Board to deserving students who have completed a heritage project specified by the Board.

St. John Brigade has embarked on the badge as part of the Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) in 2005.  It is to encourage cadets to acquire knowledge of our country's history, culture and beliefs through research projects.

Throughout the years since its implementation in 2005, there has been a misconception about obtaining this badge

Misconception Actual Fact
Cadets can obtain the Heritage Badge through participation in activities organised by the school or any other organisation as a participant.
In order to obtain the Heritage Badge, cadets need to work on a project, that spreads the message about our country's heritage to the community.
All projects related to National Education can obtain the Heritage Badge. Not all projects related to NE are heritage-related.

Heritage is about "...knowing our roots...".  Therefore, the main idea of the project is to know the country's history, culture and beliefs are related to our Heritage.


Schools can decide on the types of project to work on.  The following are some suggestions provided by the National Heritage Board, and the CPBS Committee:

  • Designing a Heritage Trail (in a form of a card game / board game / information booklet for visitors)
    • Please refer to the guidelines on how to design a Heritage Trail
      (Information provided by National Heritage Board)
  • Guiding in NHB Museums
  • Undertaking a Simple Research Project
  • Designing an Information Booklet on Monuments in Singapore
  • Tracing your or someone's genealogy, ie, family tree
  • Creating a multi-media programme or CD-ROM, or web-based project on Heritage topics
  • Designing a Museum Guide for Schools
  • Guiding in Heritage Galleries in the school / community
  • Put up Heritage-related exhibitions for the school / community
  • Volunteering at NHB events / exhibitions and other projects relate to Heritage in consultation with NHB
  • Promotion of National Symbols through an exhibition, information booklets, board game, card game


Before the students begin their projects, they need to be equipped with the knowledge of Singapore's heritage. St. John Brigade has collaborated with National Heritage Board to develop the teaching slides.
Click the link below to download the teaching slides.


The entire project duration should not last for less than one month or more than three months.
 Teachers are encouraged to facilitate the cadets in working on the project from the research period till the completion of the project, using the suggested teaching tools:
  • Interdisciplinary Project Work
  • Project-Based Assessment
  • Inquiry Based Learning

Teacher Officers are encouraged to consult the Humanities Department or National Education Department within the school for advice on how to assess the projects.  The CPBS Committee trusts the professionalism of the teachers to assess the cadets.  Officers are encouraged to consult their teacher-officers before they embark on the Heritage Badge project with their cadets.

It is the responsibility of the teacher-officers to evaluate the project based on the rubrics used in schools.  Officers who are not in the teaching profession can act as facilitators throughout the project duration.


The assessment will comprise the following components:

(a) Proficiency Test   - 30% of the total score
(b) Project Work        - 70% of the total score

Teacher Officers are encouraged to assess the projects based on the following:
(a)     level of commitment, ie, see through the project right from the beginning till the end
(b)     Professionalism of the project
(c)     Ability to show that he or she has learnt and benefited from the project.

For theory proficiency test, schools are to request for the softcopy of the test paper by emailing to the Course Coordinator. In your email, please indicate the following:
    a. Name of School
    b. NRIC and Name of Teacher / Officer Conducting the Assessment / Test
    c. Date of Written Test

The softcopy of the test paper will be emailed to you.
NHQ trusts the professionalism of the teachers and officers conducting the test with confidentiality. Schools are also to take note that the test papers are classified RESTRICTED within the SJAB CCA units only.
With the latest technology in E-Learning, teachers are allowed to upload the questions in their school’s E-Learning platform (ie. AskNLearn, LEAD etc) to conduct the online theory assessment. This helps to cut down the amount of marking involved.

To view and download the assessment guidelines, click HERE.


Teachers are to ensure that the objectives are met and have met the guidelines to complete the project.  With the vast information from books and internet, teachers are to ensure that members do not infringe copyright laws throughout the process of completing the project.  Any projects found to have violate the copyright law will be disqualified.

The teacher submitting the project will have to sign the assurance note (stated in the CPB-NHB form).


Upon completion of the projects and assessment, schools need to complete the following to apply for the proficiency badges:

1. Submit online application via the CPB Management System

2. Submit the CPB-NHB Form


Please direct your questions regarding the Heritage Badge to your respective Zone CPB officers.