Heart Saver Badge

Information Updated: 21 March 2016


The Heart Saver badge is a badge to certify new members of St John Brigade, that they are competent in the following skills learnt and assessed:

1. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
2. Choking Management

The skills are covered as part of the Basic First Aid (BFA) Course.  The course prepares the new member in becoming a first aider and also signifies the enrolment of the new member to the brigade.

Under the CCA Guidelines by the Ministry of Education (MOE) LEAPS 2.0 Framework, the award of Heart Saver badge is aligned with the award of the student's CCA points.  The award of Heart Saver badge is also a pre-requisite for the award of Superintendent Badge.


Qualified instructors and teachers are to conduct the Basic First Aid Course for the new members. The syllabus of the first aid course must include practical sessions for CPR and Choking Management.  This is to prepare the members for the practical assessment.


The candidate will be assessed under the Basic First Aid (BFA) Examination Criteria spelt out by St John Association.  The assessment include theory examination and practical assessment.  The practical assessment must include the following components:

- Choking Management
- Any other practical aspects under the BFA syllabus


At the end of the assessment, and to simplify the badge application process, teachers / officers can submit the examination submission form provided by St John Association as a supporting document.

Click HERE to download the submission form