Community Service

Updated 6 June 2016

The information on Community Service is applicable to the following badge activities:

1. Total Defence (Gold) Badge - Part 3. Schools / Students who choose Community Service for Part 3 of the badge activity, will follow the information and guidelines provided.

2. Community Care (CMC/105) Badge

Supporting Documents

The following documents can be downloaded for your reading and reference:
1. Briefing Slides (updated 1 January 2016)
2. Community Service Records Template (recommended to use for submission together with CIP/VIA Certificate for activities held within the single year).

Details of Recognised Community Service Activities

In order to provide schools with the list of activities that are recognized as Community Service, we have prepared the list for your reference.  Do refer to the list from time to time for any updates.

The CPB Committee will update whenever there are new activities that are recognized upon receiving new applications from schools (and discussions made with the teachers / officers).

For more information and questions, please contact the CPB Committee.