Collecting Badge

Updated 25 January 2016

To assist the cadets in applying for the Collecting badge, here are the steps to follow:

1. The teacher-officer of the school will arrange with the Zone CPB officer to conduct the interview for the cadet(s) applying for the badge.

2. The interviewer must be the Zone CPB officer from the zone.  He/she must not have direct links with the interviewee (ie. the officer from the school).  Arrangement(s) is/are to be made if this occurs (ie. getting another CPB officer or from another zone if required).

3. Arrangements must be made to meet up with the interviewee(s) prior to the interview.

4. The interviewer will use the rubrics provided by CPB Committee (St John HQ) to assess the confidence and competency level of the interviewee.

5. The interviewer will assess the interviewee based on the following components:

    (a) Preparation     - how well is the interviewee prepared
    (b) Description of collectibles - description of the collectibles
    (c) Question and Answer - to answer questions from the interviewer

6. To pass the interview, the interviewee must score 7 out of 12 points.

7. At the end of the interview, the interviewer is to sign on the rubrics and submit as a supporting document.

Documents for Download

- Assessment Rubrics (for Interviewer)
Candidate can prepare this scoring sheet prior to the interview.