Casualty Simulation Badge

Information on Casualty Simulation Course
Updated 1 April 2016

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1. Minimum Secondary Two level or above at the time when the cadet attends the course

2. Passed Basic First Aid

    Rationale: Identifying the different wounds / bleeding / scalds are basic knowledge in                    which a cadet must learn while attending basic first aid lessons.  This helps when he / she            learns how to carry out the simulation.

Pre-Course Administration

1. Schools are to book through the centralized booking via the CPBS website                                    (  Upon receipt of the booking, the teacher-in-charge/officer who books     the course will receive a list of instructors and their contacts.

2. Schools will then make their own arrangements to engage the qualified instructors to conduct        the course and assessment.  The course and assessment can be conducted on the same day. 

Here are the guidelines:

(a) The number of students must not exceed 20 per class.

(b) The instructor conducting the course must not conduct the assessment.  The assessment can be conducted on the same day (after the course) or another day, arranged between the school and the instructor(s).

(c) The minimum duration of the course (including the assessment) is recommended to be 4 hours.  Schools can arrange to conduct the course in one day (4 hours or more) or to split the course to several days.  Attendance is required to be submitted and the participant must attain 80% attendance and passed the assessment in order to qualify for the award of the proficiency badge.

3. The list of qualified instructors is found in Annex A.

4. School will work with the instructors on basic materials required for the course.  The materials must include the ability to carry out the simulations for the following:

(a) Wounds and Bleeding
         Incised Wound
         Stab Wound
         Contusion (Bruise)

(b) Burns and Scalds
         1st Degree
         2nd Degree
         3rd Degree (optional)

Conduct of Course & Assessment

1. The materials for the course (i.e. PowerPoint slides, notes, etc.) will be given by the instructor.

2. The assessment can be conducted in a form of a formative assessment, by teaching and monitoring the cadet’s ability to carry out the simulation and conduct the test thereafter.

3. Assessment can also be carried out in a form of a summative assessment, which is to conduct the assessment after all skills are taught.

4. The assessment guidelines include the following:
        (a) Ability to carry out the following simulations:
                (i) Cuts and Abrasions
                (ii) Different degrees of burns/scalds
                (iii) Different forms of bruises

        (b) To identify the materials required to carry out the specific simulation.  This can be done                 by verbal question-and-answer during the assessment.

        A checklist will be provided for the instructor to carry out the assessment.  The checklist will contain the assessment guidelines stated and the instructor will indicate a tick () or cross () to determine the score.

The assessment checklist is found in Casualty Simulation Assessment Form

Post Course Administration

1. After the course, school may proceed to submit the badge application online via the St John Portal.

2. The following supporting documents must be submitted together with the application:
    (a) Submission Form of the cadets’ assessment (see Annex C) – completed and signed by the
          instructor, examiner and Corps OIC/TIC.

    (b) Attendance sheet (if the course is held over a few days)

For other questions, please approach the CPB Committee or the Zone CPB officers for further assistance.